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           Artist's Statement:

              Drawing has always helped me analyze the emotions of life such as love, loneliness, wonderment, confusion, and
              so on. I've always been attracted to bright, bold, vibrant colors. My work brings the hope and warmth of color
              to the sometimes desolate and cold subjects that I tackle. The oxymoron of “happy sadness” is one that I explore
              regularly in my work. We all struggle in our lives and in a whimsical and sensitive fashion I want my work to reach
              those in the midst of pain, those who have overcome obstacles, and those who are about to face them.


              Game Informer Magazine (issue 243), Target Audience Magazine (March 2013), Folio (cover art August 2013), Void
              Magazine (Jan 2013), Scene Magazine (V.22 issues 3 & 7), Flash Magazine (issues 81, 82, 87), The Darkness Within
              (2009 with The Third One In This print appearing in the movie), Juxtapoz (online Aug 2007 & Yuri's Night 2008).

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